Ken Miller

Ken Miller Oregon Licensed Real Estate Principal Broker


Ken Miller & Associates

11725 SW Queen Elizabeth St. #A King City, Oregon 97224


Cell Phone: 503-730-0860

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Ken built his brokerage from the ground up with a single focus: To serve his neighbors and friends in the 55+ Tigard Oregon communities of Summerfield, King City and the Highlands. Having always been an entrepreneur, he understands and celebrates independence. It’s why he moved to King City in 2003, and then Summerfield in 2011 and why he started a real estate business here in 2008.
Today his brokerage prides itself on the sensitive, personalized service that is provided to his clients. His 8 brokers live in the communities they serve, so they are intimately acquainted with the unique rules, regulations, and legal processes that come with buying or selling in active 55+ communities. They are passionate about the communities they have helped build and are part of.
Welcome to our neighborhood.